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Dome Coffees Drives Bahrain Expansion

16th September

Within the next month, residents of the Amwaj Island will be enjoying fine café style food and their favourite cup of “the world’s finest” Dome coffee. 

Shaikh Hamad Al Khalifa, Managing Director of Dome Café Bahrain announced the opening of fifth branch of Dome at G64, Lagoon Park, Amwaj Island. 

He said, "with European ambience and charm, combined with the World’s Finest Coffees and a diverse food menu with service to the table, the Dôme café experience is quite like no other."

Operating in Australia since 1989, and Bahrain since 2007 with a commitment to “think global and act local” Dôme has forged its corporate success on a customer experience built specifically around an old world European brasserie café. True to its core brand values in all locations internationally, Dôme operates with the flexibility to incorporate local market adaptations, creating menu items or translating materials as necessary to provide a relevant experience for every guest. 

A perfect place to grab a quick snack or take-away coffee, or somewhere to spend some time and enjoy the unique décor and atmosphere, Dôme cafes are uniquely placed to cater for all meal and beverage needs, across all parts of the day.

From the time a Dôme café opens its doors early in the morning to the close of business late at night, it engenders a sense of appeal and attraction to broad range of uses within the community. From business people and those in the trades getting their first cup of coffee at the start of the day through to mother’s groups relaxing with their children in the morning, business people conducting meetings, friends catching up for coffee and cake or families enjoying a meal of old time favourite dishes at lunch or in the evening, Dôme is an inclusive place for people and families of all ages and backgrounds to dwell and enjoy.

Dôme Cafes are firstly known for their unique décor, exhibiting a reminiscent of a classical European style coffee house. Ambiance is much more than just the décor. We know that in order to create a truly memorable guest experience we have to be above reproach. So we comprehensively train all of our cast members to provide best practice guest service. Whether seeking a quick take away coffee or taking the time out to dine in for a meal, we take pride in our ability to offer a warm, welcoming and above all lasting impression in our interactions with our guests.

“We see this as part of an ongoing strategy for development of our concept in the region” 



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