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Forum Benefits & Sign Up

Join the Amwaj Islands community forum and start interacting with other residents. Ask questions and get answers, post classified advertisements, talk about various topics and meet up with other like-minded community members, all in one place!

Sign up to take advantage of great community benefits:

  • News and announcements from Amwaj Islands management.
  • Ask questions and get answers.
  • Meet like-minded people and make new friends.
  • Find out more about events and activities, or start your own.
  • Post classifieds, plus lost and found notices.
  • Special resident-only offers, discounts and events.
  • Learn more about Amwaj Islands facilities and services.
  • Be a part of the community and help it to grow!
  • Exclusively for Amwaj Islands residents only
As Bahrain's most refreshing and lively place to live, we encourage all residents to get involved and interact with the community to help make Amwaj Islands an even better place to live. The forum is open to residents of Amwaj Islands only - validation of your residency is required before you can start to use it.