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Kiting Beyond!

09th December

Manama, Bahrain: Fueled by her passion for wind and water, a world record-breaking kite-surfer will soon be making waves when she creates a new kite-surfing world record when she kites across the Persian Gulf: from Bahrain to the UAE followed by Oman.

Having started kite-surfing in 2009, Anke Brandt, currently holds the world record for the longest distance kite-surfed by a female. “In March of 2014, I had broken the record by kiting all the way around Bahrain, covering a distance of 250 kms,” she said. 

Anke’s previous mission of kiting around Bahrain was a one-day-mission which took a total of 12 hours. “I wanted to go international with the current mission that I am training for which will take place over the course of three days in March starting on a day that is dependent on the right conditions,” she explained.

The distance from Bahrain to the UAE alone will be a new world record. “If everything falls into place, I shall progress from Bahrain to the UAE further to the Sultanate of Oman covering a combined distance of 1500 km. This means that we will have a stopover in the UAE and in Oman,” she said. 

“The distance has not been attempted before using a kite,” she added. 

Although Anke had completed her previous kite-surfing mission, it had its fair share of challenges with over half the distance covered going against the wind and tide. “This time around, the main challenge will be kiting the long distance across waters that are unfamiliar to me. Wind and weather changes can happen en route and hitting debris in the waters are great dangers,” she explained. 

Anke will likely also have to brave the elements with some nigh kite-surfing. “This can be pretty frightening when you see absolutely nothing around you and have to just trust the few waves and metres you see right in front of you, “she said.  

Anke has been training for her latest mission since January 2014 with at least three days a week spent at the gym and kitesurfing whenever possible. “I have also recently spent four weeks training in Cape Town, South Africa,” she explained. 

Anke had previously raised awareness for ‘Wings for Life’ when she kited around Bahrain. “This charity organization works towards the goal of making spinal cord injuries curable so I will be raising awareness for them once again,” she stated.  

“We are currently looking for sponsors and a support boat and crew, so anyone who is interested can give us a call!” she concluded.  

For more information visit or find us on Facebook ‘Anke Brandt- Kite Beyond’.

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