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Kiting Beyond!

25th January

Manama, Bahrain: Hoping to smash her first world record, German kitesurfer, Anke Brandt is all set to kite an adrenaline-pumping 600 kms from Bahrain to the UAE in spring this year. 

Having started kite-surfing in 2009, Anke currently holds the world record for the longest distance kite-surfed by a female. “In March of 2014, I had broken the record by kiting all the way around Bahrain, covering a distance of 250 kms,” she said. 

Based in Bahrain, Anke envisioned going international with her current feat. “I plan to cover more than twice that distance in my next mission which I shall attempt during spring depending on the right conditions,” she said.

Fueled by her passion for wind and water, Anke has trained tirelessly since early last year for her next feat. “Given the challenging nature of the mission, I have increased my training sessions to 6 times a week, sometimes training twice a day,” she said.

Anke will begin the one-day mission from Art Rotana, Amwaj who have offered their support leading up to the record-breaking attempt. “I have been training at Art Rotana with a trainer and have been kiting every chance I get,” she explained.

“I also recently spent four weeks training in Cape Town, South Africa and at Holmes’ Place in Berlin,” she stated.

Anke’s previous mission, kiting around Bahrain, took 12 hours sometimes going against the wind. “This mission too will take place over a day, but will span over 16 to 18 hours. We’ll be going with the wind and the main challenge will be kiting at night over unfamiliar waters,” she explained. 

“We are currently looking for sponsors and a support boat and crew, so anyone who is interested can give us a call!” she concluded.  

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