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Lost & Found

If you have lost or misplaced an item anywhere within Amwaj Islands, or have found an item which does not belong to you, please call Amwaj Security on +973 3986 6952 / +973 3353 0223, or visit their offices at the entrance of Amwaj Islands.  The security team will do their best to help you find your items.

If you are a resident of Amwaj Islands, you can also sign up for our community forum, where you can post information about lost & found items to see if other residents can help you.

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Amwaj Security & Offices

Amwaj Islands Main Office

Located at the entrance if Amwaj Islands

T: +973 1603 3100



Amwaj Islands Security

T: +973 3986 6952

T: +973 3353 0223



Tala Island Security

T: +973 1606 0033