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New Medical Center For Amwaj Islands

16th January

From the GDN

Frances Leate


A LEADING Bahrain hospital is about to open a new medical and wellness centre in Amwaj Islands as part of its ambitious expansion plans.

The not-for-profit American Mission Hospital (AMH) is officially opening the new centre next Wednesday.

It is also planning to open another centre in Juffair within the next three months and a large hospital in A'ali within the next three years.

AMH chief medical officer and chief executive Dr George Cheriyan said the opening of the Amwaj Islands facility was a major landmark in the hospital's 110-year history.

"Providing localised care for people close to where they live is the future of healthcare both in Bahrain and the rest of the world," he explained.

"Only five per cent of patients need to be brought into hospital to receive multi-disciplinary care, which is more than one specialist.

"Most people can be successfully treated at medical centres and eventually, with the technology we have now, we can facilitate care for people in their own homes.

"This centre is going to greatly improve the availability of healthcare for the relatively new community living in Amwaj.

"It also has a very nice feel to it; it feels very much like a wellness centre rather than a medical centre.

"It is by the waterfront and the ambience is very relaxing."

Although Dr Cheriyan did not disclose the cost of the project, he said it was being paid for with money raised through fundraising drives and revenue generated by the existing hospital.

The 900-square metre centre, located on the second floor of an office complex, employs 25 staff including doctors, physiotherapists and pharmacists.

It is also equipped with emergency rooms and consultation rooms, as well as a wellness centre and physiotherapy centre.

Another AMH medical centre, which will include a dental clinic, is due to open in Al Shabab Avenue (American Alley), in Juffair, later this year.

The two new centres will treat 3,500 patients every month, in addition to those visiting the main AMH complex in Manama and medical centre in Saar.

Dr Cheriyan revealed that designs were already being drawn up for a 150-bed hospital, bigger than the current one in Manama, to be situated in the A'Ali area.

It is hoped the hospital will be built within the next three years.

"Our hospital in Manama is already a busy one and can prove a problem for people when they want to park," said Dr Cheriyan.

"So for people to be able to access quality healthcare near to where they live signals a big improvement for them, as they don't have to travel far and it is more convenient.

"That is why our future plans, if everything goes well, involve building a new hospital in the A'ali area.

"This will hopefully be bigger than our hospital in Manama, with 150 beds.


"Designs are being discussed and we hope it will be built in the next three years." The new Amwaj clinic will be open from 8am until 8pm, seven days a week. 



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