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As a vibrant, growing community, Amwaj Islands offers a great opportunity for advertising and promotional reach to promote your business, service or just your own classifieds to residents and visitors alike. 

With our help, you can easily make an impact through a variety of different formats, giving you the flexibility to choose the exact exposure and coverage you want.

Formats and pricing available:

  • Amwaj Islander newsletter: Half page advert BD300; Quarter page advert BD150
  • Amwaj Islander classified ad: 0.300 fils per word; BD5 per photo placed
  • Flags: BD70 / month (location to be approved prior to booking)
  • A-shapes: BD100 / month (location to be approved prior to booking)
  • Flyers: Inserted in Amwaj Islander Newsletter: BD50 / 1000 copies; BD70 / 2000 copies; BD85 / 3000 copies. Without Newsletter: BD60 / 1000 copies; BD80 / 2000 copies; BD100 / 3000 copies
  • Website banners: Top level leader and right hand side banner options, plus opportunities to sponsor a page, have a permanant page, have a pop up on the homepage and more. Please contact the Marketing and PR department for details and pricing.
Standard conditions for all options are 100% payment in advance and approval of design by the management of Amwaj Islands. All artwork design, fabrication, installation and removal costs are borne by the client. Costs shown are for 1 issue or 1 month, depending on medium.
For a custom quote (eg, unusual installation, HTML 5 animated banner), please contact us.

Discounts may be available for those who request multiple formats over a single time-frame (eg, lamp posts, flags, billboards, web banners and newsletter advert for one month). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Sizes and formats

Amwaj Islander newsletter

Distributed physically and electronically within Amwaj Islands and beyond.

Half page advert: 18.5” x 13”

Quarter page advert: 10” x 13”

All artwork must be submitted by the 18th of the month and payment made upfront.  


Lamp posts

Available in a number of locations throughout Amwaj Islands.

Size: 3 x 1.5m



Size, design and location proposed by client. Concrete base as per Amwaj’s specifications.



Standard 4:3 and 5:3 options available, plus custom sizes / locations.



If being distributed within Amwaj Islander Newsletter, size should be smaller than A4. Larger sizes or custom shapes may increase distribution pricing.


Web banners

Top level banner appears on all pages of the website, side banners appear on every internal page, or can be customised to specific pages. Flash banners are not allowed. Animated gifs are permitted with Amwaj Islands approval.

Top level banner: 430 x 60px

Side banner: 200 x 195px. Height can be increased at extra cost.